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I am a musician specialising in electric, acoustic and bass guitar based in Leeds. I currently have many projects on the go including recording, writing and performing. See below to see what I’ve been up to recently.

Playing at an open day / wedding fayre for Sandburn Hall near York

Here are some Demos Sian and I did for Showbott Entertainment Agency

Our full profile can be seen here:

BBC Radio Leeds for Christmas

Me and Sian Chandler played a couple of Christmas songs live on BBC Radio Leeds…

Ward Thomas Bass Session

I had a great time spending a few days down in London in late October recording bass guitar for the British country pop duo Ward Thomas. Everyone involved were really lovely people and great musicians and producers.

A few recent Radio appearances with Fuzzie Jones…

Here are a few photos from recent acoustic gigs…

Sample Pack composition for the Novation App ‘Blocs Wave’

Just before this weekend I finished writing a collection of loops for ‘Blocs Wave’, an app developed by Novation. I did this along Singer/Songwriter/producer Neeta Sarl. I thoroughly enjoyed writing these and got to compose with drums, bass, synth bass, keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars and even things like mandolins and singing bowls! All the loops had to work over each other with regards to rhythm and key and were in a similar style to the work of Jon Hopkins. The pack is available on the app for £1.99 and is called ‘Evolve’.

Manchester Pride gig with Fuzzie Jones

Fuzzie gig at Manchester Pride

Gig at Livin’ Italy with Alexandra George

Alex and Phil

Here you can listen to and buy an album I played on by Victor RPA


I played guitar (electric and acoustic) on ‘Four Digits’, ‘White Ceiling Light’ and ‘No More Love’

Monday morning was spent recording music written by robots (Artificial Intelligence anyway)

 A couple of pictures from my weekend in Guildford.

Gig with a fantastic 10 piece band.

I also popped into Masterlink Productions’ Studio

Check out my little Blog on Japan – Click on the picture for link

First Dance at a wedding in June on a Beat Collective gig

New Track Written For a Vlog

Sound checking bass guitar at Soundwave Croatia 2015 (and fiddling with the awesome amp!)

Writing and recording some bits for Re:tract at his studio in Manchester

Alex and I have recorded some more songs to promote our acoustic duo

I wrote and recorded a theme tune for a film review podcast called ‘Beer, Pizza and a movie’


Someone filmed me playing with my new foot tambourine at a wedding gig in Cornwall…

Blog Post on Time Signature and Time Change Fun:



Xmas Lights 2016

Live Performance of ‘Worry’ from Soundwave Croatia 2016

Summer 2016

Soundwave 2016:

Another belting year at Soundwave Croatia including a longer road trip (stopping by Oxfordshire, Nijmegen, Berlin, Prague, Graz, Villach and Strasbourg), a slightly shorter and less sunny stay at Tisno, accidentally having dinner with Craig Charles, dancing to Gentleman’s Dub Club and thunder storms!

I played at my old guitar teacher’s wedding the night before being picked up from Witney in Oxfordshire to start the long journey to Croatia. We set off about 10/11ish and easily made our ferry across to Calais with no sea sickness to speak of and started to make our way to our first destination in Nijmegen. We spent two nights in Berlin and had a rehearsal in Noisy Rooms which is an awesome rehearsal space with great equipment.

We then proceeded to Prague via a music shop to buy some new gear as we had some laptop problems. The gig in Prague was…interesting and eventually turned into a blues and folk jam after playing some acoustic arrangements of Rogan songs. Leaving Prague early in the morning after some of us spent the night clubbing and some got an early night, we set off on our last leg of our trip to Tisno via Graz to pick up Josh’s brother.

We arrived quite late at the festival site and were swiftly pounced on by plain clothes police officers who decided we needed a full search. After seeing the amount of gear piled up in the back, they swiftly changed their minds and skulked off into the night leaving us to unload all our stuff, collect our festival and AAA passes and find our apartments. Aside from a few accommodation issues and the occasional power cut, the rest of the festival went off without a hitch and both gigs were great and we had photographers and videographers to boot! The sound was as great as it was last year thanks to the amazing sound team (especially Kim!)

The next day we went out for a celebratory meal to Teresa (mostly because we were knackered) where we accidentally sat next to Craig Charles, who is hilarious and a truly lovely man, along with his family.

The trip back was long, hot and tiring but we managed the whole thing without trying to kill each other and even included a lovely night and dinner on the outskirts of Strasbourg. After the ferry we went via Witney again to Manchester and finally tumbled into Leeds about two in the morning with about 3500 miles on the clock.

London Recording

Recording at Miloco Studios in London for Jennifer Ann. It was a great day recording two of her songs on acoustic and electric guitar as well as mandolin.


Rogan News

Check out Rogan’s most recent video for a collaboration with Re:tract called Worry. There’s a good deal of my guitar and my face in it!!

We also had a nice review from Indie Shuffle comparing Worry to Bonobo and Air.


Rogan have been re-booked for Soundwave Festival again so we will be heading back to Croatia this year and maybe a few places along the way.


Line Up

Here’s a mini documentary from last year:

End of 2015

So summer was amazing…

Finally got a matching Markbass cab for my Markbass head! Happy days. It sounds fantastic and weighs next to nothing. Worth every penny even if just to save breaking my back! photo (3)

 Looking forward to this later this year with Rogan and Re:tract!!croatia soundwave festival

Here’s the first full video of the studio sessions for Chris Young’s album ‘Endorphins’

“The Rite of Spring” – Chris Young

Here’s Ruby Lane and I playing at Burlesque Without Borders in Harrogate.

Ruby Lane and I performing a cover of All About That Bass

Ruby Lane and I at Burlesque Without Borders, a monthly burlesque night in Harrogate.

Ruby Lane and I at Burlesque Without Borders, a monthly burlesque night in Harrogate.

Chris Young – Endophins promotional video


Chris Young’s most recent album is available from several outlets including CD baby, Spotify and iTunes. I am playing electric guitar on all tracks.

Re’tract – Who Am I – Feat Ema Sierra (Live Rehearsal)

Music Sold Separately **Now Available On Itunes**

New Music Video by Rogan. I’m playing bass!

The Ragdolls last gig of Ireland tour 2014

The Ragdolls Ireland tour 2014

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